Accelerating Orthodontic Treatment using Mechanical Vibrations through PVDF Actuators


Traditional braces and retainers take years to move teeth into the ultimate desired position.  Researchers at The University at Buffalo have developed a novel advancement in vibrating orthodontics that provides the desired results of traditional braces but in shorter time and with increased comfort, and greater convenience. These set our technology apart from other vibratory orthodontic devices and can lead to greater patient compliance to produce the desired results in a shorter time.


Our technology harnesses the energy required to produce mechanical vibrations to stimulate tooth movement completely within a patient’s mouth, i.e., without requiring a bulky power supply protruding from a patient’s mouth. These mechanical vibrations, which speed up tooth movement, are achieved by employing a piezoelectric polymer, polyvinylidene flouride PVDF, to act as a power source for the vibrations. This novel power supply is an improvement over existing technology.


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