In Situ Nonlinear Photon Conversion by Biological Medium to Produce Photodynamic Therapy


This new photodynamic therapy (PDT) laser system penetrates further into tissue and is compatible with existing PDT drugs.


Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) uses light to photoactivate drugs at the site of tumors causing a burst of free radicals which damage the tumor.  The procedure has been used clinically for decades because of its ability to specifically target tumor regions.  Unfortunately the light wavelengths which activate the drugs best do not penetrate tissue well.  This forces PDT to be restricted to easily accessible tumors such as oral cancer.  Frustratingly, infrared light, which does penetrate tissue well, does not activate drugs efficiently.  The inventors have found a way to use the “natural” tumor environment to overcome this problem providing the tissue penetration of infrared light with the effectiveness of established PDT drugs.  This approach promises to take PDT into parts of the body which previously were impractical.  More

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