Multifunctional Smart Denture System


Approximately 20 million Americans wear full or partial dentures. Because dentures are only supported by tissues in the oral cavity, not anchored into the jaw bone, keeping them in place can pose a challenge: At least half of denture wearers experience problems with fit.  In collaboration with University of Florida researchers, UB dental researchers have developed a multifunctional smart dental prosthetic device that uses real-time wireless signals to monitor and transmit information about denture fit and other health aspects  in a noninvasive manner. The device consists of a full or partial denture with several microsensors that detect gaps between the denture and oral tissue. Stress and strain, pressure, movement and temperature are also assessed. Sensors can monitor pH, glucose and various chemicals found in saliva to aid diagnosis of oral diseases, HIV, cancers and diabetes. Wireless transmitters send information from the device to user-friendly software that allows healthcare professionals to analyze all collected data. More

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Timothy Dee
Associate Director
University at Buffalo
Marc Campillo-Funollet
Carlos Munoz-Viveros
Yong-Kyu Yoon
Gloria Kim
Xiaoyu (kevin) Cheng
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