Nanoformulated Tetrapyrroles as Biophotonic Contrast Agents


Researchers at The University at Buffalo have developed a unique method to prepare GI tract imaging contrast agents. This innovation is a breakthrough for GI tract imaging and can be used to effectively treat patients. The patented method can be used to prepare optical imaging contrast dye that is not readily absorbed by the GI tract.  It achieves this by producing a novel nano-formulation called ‘Nanonaps’ for a safe, noninvasive, and non-ionizing approach for dynamic molecular imaging of the gastrointestinal tract in real time. Nanonaps are stable at low pH and following oral administration, they can pass through the GI tract with minimal systemic absorption or staining of the intestine. Moreover, Nanonaps can be readily detected through the abdomen using Photo Acoustic Tomography, which highlights their potential as a platform for safe, high resolution, and noninvasive examination of intestinal anatomy and motility.  These features would be very valuable when diagnosing many GI related disease and other diagnostic scenarios.

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