Orbital Angular Momentum Microlaser


UB Researchers have designed a solution by developing Integrated OAM microlaser with well-defined topological charges at source. This is the first integrated orbital angular momentum micro laser that can improve the information capacity of current optical communication using orbital angular momentum-based division multiplexing. This is done by implementing a complex refractive index modulated microring laser with sidewall modulations emitting complex vector beams carrying the orbital angular momentum information available for an ultimate miniaturized optical communication platform.


The use of orbital angular momentum (OAM) light is expected to enable the implementation of entirely new high-speed secure optical communication and quantum teleportation systems in a multidimensional space by encoding information with different OAM, satisfying the exponentially growing demand worldwide for network capacity.


Different OAM is similar to light travels with different twists. They are orthogonal with each other and thus do not cross talk, like information carried by different wavelengths. Hence, information carried via OAMs are in fact unbounded. This is now technology has the potential to complement the existing technologies of wavelength-division multiplexing and time-division multiplexing.


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