Protein-Doped Hydrogel Dressing for General Wound Healing


A tunable, hydrogel-based wound healing device designed to enable focused and maximal delivery of biologically active therapeutics (e.g. growth factors) to the wound bed.

Building on previous work, a team of UB scientists and physicians have developed a unique delivery device that enables directionally-controlled and sustained release of biologically active protein-based drugs (e.g. growth factors or cytokines) to the wound microenvironment.  This approach results in accelerated and more efficacious healing, as well as cost savings. The ability of the device to drive protein-based drugs into the wound microenvironment is further enhanced when used in combination with commercially available advanced wound care dressings.  Additionally, antimicrobials, protease inhibitors, etc. may be incorporated into this delivery device and released in a sustained manner.

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Timothy Dee
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University at Buffalo
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