Stable Micelle Drug Formulations


Researchers at The University at Buffalo have developed a novel method that is effective in formulating drugs.  Hydrophobic drug formation traditionally requires heavy use of surfactants for administration. This technology, which is available for licensing, produces concentrated hydrophobic drugs that produce fewer negative side effects than traditional formulations. This method can be used to create stable, concentrated drug micelles, which give more effective results and better outcomes for patients.  Taxanes, commonly used in chemotherapy applications, is one such drug that can be effectively concentrated in these micelles. This technology can be used with other hydrophobic drugs such as Docetaxel, Fulvestrant, and Haloperidol.  Moreover, when co-loading other substances (e.g., Coenzyme Q, Vitamin K, Docetaxel) with the desired drug, this technology results in even more effective drug loading. UB researchers have identified several co-loaders that produce stripped, stabilized micelles in physiological saline conditions.


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