Dielectric Encapsulation of VO2 Nanowires: Progress Towards Improving Thermal Stability and Adhesion of VO2 Nanowires to Glass Surfaces


Because of the unique properties (e.g. physical, chemical, mechanical, and optical) possessed by materials at the nanoscale, it is sometimes necessary and/or desirable to coat substrates with such materials in order to achieve commercial applicability.  One example of a nanoscale material that exhibits desirable properties is vanadium oxide, which has been investigated for "smart window" applications due to its reversible insulator—metal phase transition in response to increasing temperature. The present technology involves nanomaterial coating formulations and methods for coating substrates with nanomaterials. In some examples, formulations and methods comprising vanadium dioxide nanowires coated with a silica shell were found to strongly adhere to glass substrates.  These coatings exhibited excellent attenuation of IR transmittance upon heating past the phase transition temperature.

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