Ostrich and IsoFit: Software Programs for use in Environmental Modeling Research


IsoFit is a program that fits isotherm parameters to a given set of laboratory data by minimizing the weighted sum of squared error between laboratory measured data and corresponding isotherm computed values. IsoFit version 1.2 supports the fitting of the following isotherms: (1) BET, (2) Freundlich, (3) Freundlich w/ Linear Partitioning, (4) Generalized Langmuir-Freundlich, (5) Langmuir, (6) Langmuir w/ Linear Partioning, (7) Linear, (8) Polanyi, (9) Polanyi w/ Linear Partitioning, and (10) Toth. In addition to assigning observation weights by individual error estimates, IsoFit also supports aqueous-relative, sorbed-relative, and uniform weighting options. IsoFit uses an embedded version of the OSTRICH calibration/optimization program to perform the fits. 

See the IsoFit Download page available from UB's Groundwater Research Group: www.groundwater.buffalo.edu/software/IsoFit/IsoFitMain.html.

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